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Tablo's Tweet


I later found out he also tweeted other fan Twitters like @tabloindonesia and @TabloMexico thanks, and that took some of the excitement away. However, we were the first one Tablo tweeted thanks to and the only fan project so yeah. I don't know how to make an image of the tweet, so you can view it here: https://twitter.com/blobyblo/status/235431513141960704.

HOW EXCITING IS THIS! BE EXCITED PEOPLE, or whoecer still keeps up with this community. BE EXCITED!
The project reached South Korea two and a half weeks ago and has now been delievered thanks to AA_CHAN! This is his post about it. How cool would it be if Tablo gave us a shout out on Twitter? I think I might pass out or something. (I know, I'm so weird.)

I can't believe that something of my hard work is now in Korea! It's so weird to think about.


Project in Mail

So We Support Tablo: An International Fan Project is in the mail now! I'm so excited! Though shipping with UPS was more expensive than I thought it was going to be. Oh well. I guess one good thing about that is that the package will arrive in Seoul sooner than I thought it would.

Final package contents: an outfit, a book, two pictures frames and gloves for Tablo's daughter; three fansigns (I tried to make them like the ones like the Korean fans have, but I'm not sure how they make them look so good.); the Epik Notebook; three different kinds of candy and a thank you card for AA-CHAN. I hope Tablo likes it.

Things Added to the Project

Below are pictures of things I'm sending along with the scrapbook for Tablo's daughter. (I was using my Dad's camera, so the pictures are a little out of focus.) Here's a note I added explaining the extra gifts:

Dear Tablo,
Now that you have a little girl, I thought I would send you some gifts for her too! I included a simple book you can read together with her. I loved reading as a child (and still do!), so I hope the included book will help jump-start a love of reading for your daughter.
-- Alicia

An outfit that says "Daddy's Little Sunshine":

Two picture frames, mittens and a book:


Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

I was able to go out and buy the binder and page protectors today! Yay!  Under the cut are the pictures of the pages, but no matter how hard I tried the first picture and the Indonesia page wouldn't come out the right size. Very frustrating. Let me know what you think.

All I have to do now is contact AA-CHAN and send the scrapbook. I'm going to a conference in Denver next week, so I'll probably get the scrapbook sent early January. It should arive in South Korea sometime around late January I think; I wish I could have gotten the scrapbook out sooner, but being a college student, this is the best I could do. I'll give you more information when I have it.

Interestingly enough my family saw me working on the pages during Winter Break, and I had to explain what I was working on and why I was doing it. I don't think they understood. I mean in their opinion, why should I care about a South Korean celebrity when I live half a world away? Though I'm sure you guys understand the reasons for this project by now and the reasons why many fandoms put together support projects.

On to the pictures! Warning image heavy.

The black, faux leather binder:






My Support Message for Tablo

So I just feel like letting you guys read what I wrote. Let me know what you think.

Dear Tablo,

                           I just want you to know how much you are supported by the people all around you – family, friends, fans, and even people who aren’t your fans. Your family, friends, and fans knew the truth from the beginning – the people who matter. Haters and antis don’t matter. No one deserves to have haters bring them down, and I just find it so hard to understand why another person would care about someone else’s education so much. I suppose the reason might have something to do with how much Koreans value education, and the fact that you are undeniably a genius who speaks such truth in the lyrics of Epik High songs so many people do not want to hear, but it is hard to make any sort of sense of crazy netizens. I think the haters knew the truth all along, but were so jealous of all the success you had they just had to do something to make themselves feel better. I’m sure they don’t feel better now!

                           Before the controversy started, I didn’t give much thought to Epik High’s music, I’m sorry to say, because I was never a big fan of hip-hop, but I’ve heard so much of your music now that I will forever be a fan and part of High Skool. (I found out that the lyrics have a tendency to reach people where they are, and that’s something you don’t see very often in music today.) I’ve been converted. So maybe there is a silver lining to this whole mess – more Epik High fans. That’s a good thing.

                           All you can do now is look forward and be the best person you can be. Hwaiting!


A converted fan,

Alicia Ludwig-21

St. Louis, Missouri USA


Working on Scrapbook

I started working on the pages yesterday, and I really think they're turning out good :) There are twenty-two pages. (Though I should have been studying for finals and writing essays. lol) I really like how Japan's page turned out. When I print the pages out, I'll start posting pictures. That is, unless I can just copy and past the files into a LJ post in which case I'll post the pictures sooner.

I think you'll really like how I made the pages. On the top of most pages is the country with a picture next to it, below that the messages, and in the background, more pictures that represent the country. I hope I represented each country well; I mostly used Google images -- I hope no one minds.

Starting the Scrapbook

Don't forget the deadline for sending in your messages is Friday. It can be as long as you want. Also don't forget that fanart will be accepted too. Spread the word around! We Support Tablo: An international Fan Project only has eleven messages so far. Where are all the High Skoolers out there?

So I edited the Epik Notebook messages today (when I should have been studying for two test) and will finally be able to start making the scrapbook. Yay for that! I'll be able to let all my creative juices flow. Time to look for a scrapbook/binder to hold everything. Pictures will be posted of the scrapbook so you can see what it looks like. Look forward to that!

I was asking someone about where to send the scrapbook once it's completed, and she recommended we work with AA-CHAN (aka Alex). Once it's completed I'll talk to him. Looking at some of the completed fandom deliveries, I want to add more to my project; a scrapbook just doesn't seem like enough. Any suggestions for inexpensive, awesome, inspirational things I could add?

Adding The Epik Notebook To Our Project

I finally heard back from the Epik High fansite I emailed the other day, and they said they would love to suppport our project. (Though I haven't seen them promote it yet.) They did a fan project some months back that is similar to ours and never had a chance to send it out, and they asked if they could donate the pages to our project. I told them I'd gladly accept their messages. Yay! That means we now have more than eleven messages; the only problem is that the concept of their project different than ours, but I'm sure I can work that out. I'm still wanting to hear back from them again because we never exchanged info on how I was going to get the pages from them.

Here's the video they made after they completed the Epik Notebook:


 We now have a Twitter account! Follow us and get the latest news on what we're up to. WeSupportTablo