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Changing Submission Due Date

I was going to end the subbmission period today, but because I haven't gotten the sort of response I expected, I've decided to extend the date to December 3rd. I've also decided that the messages you can send can be any length.

I suppose I should have promoted more, I mean I haven't even contacted the Epik High fansite I signed up for last month.


Looking for Promoters

So I have accounts on Soompi and AsianFanatics, but my post counts are not near high enough or have enough quality to do a promotions there, especially on AsianFanatics. Plus I am a college student, and I don't have time to get my post counts up. If anyone reads this and thinks they could help me out, that would be greatly appreciated!

I want my email inbox to be flooded with messages for Tablo so he can really see how loved he is all over the world. The more I promote the project, the greater my chances of that coming true are.

Promoting Another Support Project

The more support Tablo can see he has the better. If you guys would like to support Tablo more that just We Support Tablo: An International Fan Project, why not join Project for Tablo?

I got an email from the person running it who wanted to affiliate with our project, and I said I would help promote their project because they wanted to promote us. Info is copied from project website.
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Project Info

What I'm going to do is create a scrapbook with positive messages and small artwork, so they can fit on a page, from people all over the world. Each country will have their own section in the book so Tablo can see how many fans support him. It's not important whether you think Tablo should or should not have done this or that to handle the controversy or whatever. All that is important is that Tablo knows he is still loved and supported because he said in the MBC special that he feels scarred now, and don't forget that he's depressed too. He is a newlywed and young father, and everything is taking a toll on him.

The messages should be in your native language with a translation in English. Your first name and country where you're from should be included.  Messages and high quality scans of artwork should be sent to wehearttabloproject@gmail.com. I also will accept handwritten messages and artwork through the mail(again nothing too big); just PM me for the address.

Sample message:
 You have always made great music and will continue to make great music. I believe in you. Hwating!
-- Alicia USA

When the scrapbook is completed, I will post pictures. Feel free to spread the word around!

The submission period is October 15 -- December 3.

PM talk_play_love  or me or email us if you have more questions.

Introduction to Controversy

Here's a little background info on the recent Tablo controversy:


  • Tablo sues netizens for defamation after they spread false rumors regarding his educational background saying he didn't go to Stanford
  • he doesn't do much else in thinking the issue of his education would blow over like it has in the past
  • 2nd -- became a father to a baby girl
  • TaJinYo (main online community charging Tablo) has 190,000 members
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